The Operator or Marshal: Learn Quick Scope in Valorant

Quick Attacker Gusion: Three Heroes Who Run the Show

Do not worry if you are having trouble getting those great shots with the Operator or Marshal in Valorant. When you learn the quick scope method, you’ll be able to snipe like a pro in no time.

The Operator or Marshal: Quick Scope: A Strategy That Changes the Game

Sniping in Valorant is just as fast and accurate as sniping in other first-person games. Here comes the quick scope meta, a skill that lets you shoot very quickly as the Operator or Marshal.

The Operator or Marshal: Take it from the Best: Valorous Pros’ Thoughts

The North American Valorant legends Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, and Michael “dapr” Gulino made the quick scope famous in Valorant patch 3.01. One way they found to scope in faster with these powerful guns was to slow down the aim speed.

The Operator or Marshal: How do you use Quick Scoping?

The slow shooting rate of the Operator and Marshal made sniping in Valorant a precise art in the past. Quick scoping changes the game by letting you shoot quickly one after the other. This not only helps you hit your targets more often, but it also helps you defend your place without having to run away after a miss.

Tips on How to Quick Scope in Valorant

The first thing you need to do is change your settings. To change the aim of your sniper weapon, go to controls and equipment and change it from “toggle” to “hold.” When you want to scope, you’ll need to hold down the right mouse button.

Advice from the Experts

Learn from the pros like Shroud, TenZ, and dapr and look at how they use the quick scope to win.

The Lightning-Fast Entry Frags of Shroud

With the Operator, Shroud shows how powerful quick scoping can be by making shooting with “hold” much faster than “toggle.” This strategy can be very dangerous, as shown by his quick scope entry frag on Split.

The Ace of Dapr and the Marshal Sentinels Dapr takes the quick scope to a whole new level by using the Marshal to get an Ace on Icebox. He says that quick scoping is becoming more common and that more players are using it to improve their game.

TenZ’s Mastery of Operator

TenZ, who is the master of the Jett Operator, thinks that using “hold” gives you better control of the Operator. He even changes the way his keys work, like setting the switching zoom level to “mouse wheel up” for the best results.

It might feel strange to switch to “hold” if you’re used to change settings in Counter-Strike. However, TenZ and Shroud stress that in Valorant, speed is the most important thing to win aim fights.

That being said

Are you ready to get better at sniping? Use the quick scope method, watch how the pros do it, and change your settings to match. Soon, you’ll be able to hit those accurate shots that win games for your team in Valorant! Have fun shooting at NIAGASLOT!